Welcome to our lives for the next year or so. The four of us are going to contribute to this blog, so hopefully the amount of content and frequency of updates should keep it interesting. I am sure you’ll find that we each have our own way of expressing ourselves. This should be interesting.

Anyway, life gave us some lemons and we’re going to try to make lemonade. The economy in Calgary and Alberta as well is in the doldrums brought about by sustained low oil prices. Companies have cut way back on expenses and spending and a technology I’ve made a living with for a couple of decades went from one with declining demand to one with no demand. I spent over a year looking for work and retraining myself on more modern software, but budgets have remained tight here.

Finally we reached the point were it was time to make some bigger changes to our bigger monthly expenses, like mortgage and car payments. Selling the house would be a little too painful, but renting it would work. Selling our wonderful 2014 Toyota Highlander would take care of the second biggest expense. We finally found a renter and the last chain holding us down was broken!

Rather than move into some sqalid little place around here and wait for things to recover, we’ve dicided to take the road less traveled and go live someplace where the cost of living can be half or less than what it is here. We’re going to Central and South America for the next year or so. Settiling into various countries, exploring the cultures, learning Spanish, looking for business and investment opportunities and expanding the minds to the possibilities that present themsleves. Karen’s editing business (Editarians) is all on-line and can be done anywhere with an Internet connection. That will earn us enough to cover our living expenses and anything I earn will allow us to explore our surroundings a bit more, wherever we might be.

This blog will be as much for helping ourselves remember our adventures as it will be for sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy our posts and can live vicarously through us when the mood suits you.

Deliver of our storage container
Packing up Mark's Office
Packing up the Family Room