I probably should have made this post sooner, since my dad already told you about the house in one of his posts. Anyway, I am going to describe the journey now before its too late.

On Monday the 14 we woke up in the Liberian hostel we had rented for the night. After getting ready we headed to ICE to get a local sim card. Doing that took longer then expected, I think it was 30 minutes. Once finally done at ICE we walked to the bus stop to get on a bus on Puntarenas. As we are waiting for the bus, a taxi driver tried to convince us to go with him.  Finally the bus arrived at 10:30am. The whole ride was 3 hours long.  Outside the view was beautiful, huge green trees and local shops, but mostly I ignored the view playing minecraft on my iPad. I also helped translate a local newspaper for my dad. After the bus ride we took a short taxi ride to the ferry terminal. We bought some cups of fruit and boarded. On board we bought a little more food. I had a pizza. The ferry ride was only an hour long and we landed in Paquera. In Paquera we took another bus, this time to Cobano. The ride was around an hour and thirty minutes. I had to stand and my feet got really sore. A few times I almost fell over. At one point a did get a seat. I didn’t think I was siting for long but math tells me it was about half the ride. Once off the bus we headed to the grocery store and bought a little bit of food. Then we took a bumpy taxi ride to the apartment. The view out the apartment front door is spectacular. Inside the apartment we gave the owner, Rick, a call to let him know we arrived. Then we unpacked, had supper and watched Netflix. Our choice of show was Are We There Yet? The whole journey was long and a little bit tiring. I’m glad we don’t have to do it again for a month because my bag is really heavy.