When we were checked into the apartment we are staying in currently, we were told that the bakery just around the corner was worth a visit. So Lucas and I ventured out this morning to see what they have to offer. It smelled great and some of the items were still warm from the oven! The picture above was taken later this evening when we returned for more goodies. The sun has just set and lights had been turned on at Pasteleria Romannoti.

Before we got the the bakery however, I was impressed to see so many cyclists and took the short video. There was a constant stream of them as we walked the block and a half to the bakery. There wasn’t as many later in they day, so perhaps it is a Sunday morning tradition to go for a bike ride in Bogotá. They have lots of bike lanes here. As someone who has possibly commuted by bike more than any other mode of transportation over the past couple of decades, I like it!


After I posted this, I learned that the cyclists were indeed a regular thing. They call it the ciclovía. Every Sunday between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM over 120 kilometers of streets are blocked off, linking all parts of the city. Over 2 million people (30% of the population) are said to participate. Cyclists, runners, and skaters take to the streets and it looked like fun from where I was standing. Bogotá also has many kilometers of permanent bicycle pathways called ciclorutas.

You can read more about it on the Wikipedia Ciclovía page.