El Ajial, Paine, Chile

We have made it to to our friend’s home on a wonderful, green acre and a half south of Santiago. The home is in a quiet, gated community just west of the mountains. Of course that is a bit redundant since almost anywhere people live in Chile will likely be west of the mountains. There are several peaks visible from the home when you look out over the back yard. They have an eight-month-old puppy who is already larger than most dogs. She is still very energetic and a bit awkward as she grows into her body. She is friendly now but should prove to be a good watchdog when she is older. It took us a couple of hours to make the 45-minute drive from the vicinity of the Santiago airport to the home. We needed to get adapters for the plugs on our computers and phones. We needed some groceries as well and shopping took a while. We bought SIM cards for our phones, but they didn’t activate effortlessly as advertised. We still need to get that resolved, but for now I’ve got all our numbers routing to a virtual phone program running on my phone. Yeah, tech support will find a solution! We won’t miss any calls as long as we are near the Wi-Fi. It rained the night we arrived. The next morning the tops of the mountains visible from the house were covered with snow. We were told that it was the first time in the 20+ years our hosts have lived here that it snowed in October. It is spring here now, but climate change is affecting places all over the world. Today, just three days later, it is sunny and 27 C (80 F).

Country Living

This place is a big change from the hustle and bustle of Medellin that we were surrounded by for the past several months. Stepping out onto the back deck from the kitchen, the loudest noises come from various species of birds. I don’t know exactly what the local species are; maybe I’ll look it up later. I do know some of the bird sounds are coming from the 25 chickens our friends have in an adjacent fenced area. I am looking forward to trying some very fresh eggs. The fact that we are in a house is nice. There is lots of space for us to spread out in a couple of rooms. We all have actual desk space for our computers. No one is at the kitchen table, a breakfast bar, or some other non-ergonomic location. I struggled to get enough exercise in Medellin, but I am hoping the clean air and quiet roads will allow me start running again.