Just a quick post to say Happy New Year! We got to see how they ring in the new year in Leon, Nicaragua. The only thing ringing were my ears after air raid sirens blared for a few minutes while fireworks were launched a dozen steps from our bench. None of us have ever been so close to the launch point of fireworks and I doubt we ever will be again. The sounds of the launches were louder than the fireworks overhead.

We’re packing up now to head back to our home base outside of Managua. We’ll spend a few days there before one more side trip to Ometepe, an island formed by two volcanoes in Lake Nicaragua. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some more blogs on the things we’ve seen and done lately.

I took the video above when I realized we were mere steps away from where they were going to launch the fireworks. The clips below are a minute or so each of the fireworks going off above us and the men scurrying from the truck to the launchers to reload them.  Not only were there lots of explosions, the city’s air raid siren was going off, so you might not want to play these in the office if the volume is turned up!