Pepper is gone!

The great purge continues with the sale of “Pepper”, our 1995 Toyota Tercel that we bought when we first arrived in Calgary back in 2000. We name all our cars and I seem to remember that the color reminded us of a green pepper when we bought it. It was a reliable car, even if it wasn’t as nice as our 2014 Highlander that loomed over it in the garage.

Selling on Kijiji works

We posted a few dozen ads for items we wanted to sell on Kijiji over the past couple of months. Almost everything has sold  fairly quickly. I think it is a lot less of a hassle than setting aside an entire day or weekend for a garage sale. Hoping for good weather and real buyers, not just deal seekers. We had a lot of responses the Tercel ad on Kijiji for it and it sold in a few days. If only we could get that kind of action for the 2014 Toyota Highlander. That car is up for sale as well, but the price is more than someone can withdraw with a quick stop at the ATM.

We also posted an ad for the Highlander on and it has had lots of views, but few responses.

We had a heck of a time getting the screws out for the license plate. WD40 was only able to help us get one off. A hammer and chisel was used on the other one, by the new owner, not me. I had the cash, he had the keys, so he can do what he wants!