We arrived about a week ago at our condo here in Costa Rica. We expected to have a lot more stuff in the condo than we did. We have one big knife which we need to use to cut watermelons and pineapples because it is the sharpest but the blade falls out of the handle so you need to hold it in. There was no dish soap, sponges, towels, stuff you would expect a condo to have. Not even oil or salt for cooking! There is a pool though and it is really nice. There are even lights that make the whole pool a purpley blue so you can go swimming at night! Speaking of lights, some of the lights in our place are burned out. Along with one of the chairs having a piece broken off and the couch being really uncomfortable. Also, the place is always infested with ants and other creatures, sometimes little geckos! But on the bright side, it is really warm and the trees look a lot cooler here than in Calgary.

View of condo

The pool at night

Outside our house

Front of our house

One of the bugs sharing our house