Besides the spiders, scorplings, centipedes, and other creatures, we did have a welcome guest at the house we rented in Sarchi, Costa Rica. Our neighbors across the street did a fair bit of traveling and were not always home. Their dog was called Paloma and Paloma was not satisfied with just having some guy come by and feed her each day. She wanted company and she knew how to get past the fences and gates around her house.


We were told she originally belonged to the person who lived in the house we rented, but was left behind when the person moved out of the country. She was a little shy at first and would just hang around our yard the first couple of days. We put water out for her and she came over and checked us out and decided we were OK. She would find a shady spot and protect out house from tractors and certain pedestrians and the occasional other dog. If she caught us walking to the store or downtown, she was sure to tag along. She seemed very excited about going for walks.

We’ve been missing our dog Bella. It’s comforting to know she is being well cared for (perhaps even spoiled) while we are away. It was nice to have a surrogate belly to scratch for a while. Paloma will be one of the lasting memories from our trip.