I hope you didn’t think I’d be blogging every day after I named my previous post Day One In Costa Rica. It was a long day getting to our new home for the next month, and there were a numerous things I needed to take care of. As usual, I am the tech support guy for the family. I’m also the primary motivator to get the kids to study and get schoolwork done each day. I have reminded them more than once that we are not on vacation here. This is our life for now. Yes, we can go swimming every day, but we aren’t going to spend the whole day playing in the pool or at the beach.

Sydney has lots to say about our trip to get here, so I won’t steal her thunder by giving you the whole story. It involved taking a bus, a taxi ride to the ferry, another bus ride, and a final taxi to Rick’s Apartments. I’ll just post a couple of pictures I took along the way. Where is here? I’m working on a page to show where we are. I just need to get the Google API to show the map like it is supposed to!


My first impressions of our new home is that it is very green here. Lush vegetation lines the roads and surrounds the building we are in. It is a two-storey building with two apartments on each level. We are on the second level with nice views out all the windows and doors. The photos in the gallery to the left are taken from the bedroom balcony, looking out the front door, and from just outside the front door looking to the pool and bottom of the stairs.

We found that the pool has lights, and they fill the water with a blue glow. That shadowy figure in the picture below is Lucas getting some down time after a busy day. Although it is the end of the rainy season, the rains haven’t departed yet. The kids and I walked to the nearest store yesterday to get some food, spices, and a few other things. I made sure we all had lubed up with sunscreen before hitting the road. Fifteen minutes later, the rain started and didn’t let up much until we got back. It was warm, so it wasn’t much of a bother. I may want to find a good way to protect my cell phone. It seemed to survive the extremely elevated humidity of my pocket yesterday, and it was working fine this morning. But when I grabbed it a couple of hours ago, it had me logged into Android/Google as a guest, and I can’t get the Do Not Disturb setting to turn off. It is sitting in our bag of rice at the moment. Hopefully it draws as much moisture as it can from the phone.

Anyway, I need to keep these posts short if I want to get them out there. So that’s all for now.