About a week ago, we received a call from the owner of the Air-B and B we are currently staying in. She told us that we were going to be getting new furniture. Days after her call a bunch of men showed up, brought all the stuff in and started building. None of the old furniture actually left the house, it just went to a new location.


The old rug that we moved from the entrance to the hall.

The new rug now in the front entrance.

The old couch now on the opposite wall.

The new couch which is more comfy than the old couch. I like sitting stretched out on the long part. 

The old fridge with information whited out.

The new fridge, which is much bigger than the old one. It has a water dispenser. 

The old dining room table. It’s very easy to flip the glass up. 

The new bigger dining room table. 

The old dining room chairs. 

The new more stable dining room chairs. 

A new coffee table that we now have in the front entrance. 

New painting for the hall. 

Some nightstand like drawers that are going to be part of the new bed.