Here goes the second try, since the first time deleted everything I had written. 😭😭😭😭😭 I will have most of it the same, but some parts a little different.


My brother was 2, which makes me 6, when we moved into our house. Having stayed there day and night for ten years this excursion was bittersweet. On one hand, I’m excited to go to Central and South America for about a year because I have never been there, get to practice all that Spanish I have been learning and experience the culture. On the other hand I want to stay home in Calgary. There are things that can’t be done anywhere else: go to EP Scarlett High School, pathfinders, watch Supergirl and film my surf🏄🏼movie to name a few. Emptying my room was the hardest part. I really didnt want to. The first thing to leave my room was the dresser, all my drawers laid out on my floor. Second was my bookcase and nightstand. We ended with the bed. All of this stuff leaving made the trip feel so real. All the furniture going to the C-Can and empty shelf’s felt different then boxes, even though I packed them for hours on end. On the bright side, I’m gonna redecorate my room when we return, so my bed isn’t blocking my awesome wallpaper anymore.