If you have been following our adventures all along, then you know we spent the first month of our trip in Costa Rica on the Nicoya peninsula. Our place was several kilometers from the Pacific coast. This time in Costa Rica we will be taking the high road and will spend time in the mountains.

The first night after we arrived in San Jose from Nicaragua was spent at a place very near the airport. The next morning we took a taxi to the 7-10 Bus Terminal closer to downtown San Jose. The terminal is located in busy neighborhood with narrow, winding streets filled with pedestrians, cyclists, vending carts, as well as other vehicles. I was glad I wasn’t driving. Traffic is probably best described as combination of aggression and self interest. Signs may say that pedestrians have the right of way, but I don’t recall seeing any pedestrians acting like that was the case.

Once we got to the terminal we bought bus tickets to Monteverde, and ate lunch while looking out over part of the city. San Jose is a big city population wise, but doesn’t have the core of massive, towering skyscrapers so prevalent in most big cities in North America. If it does, I didn’t see it. The city still has lots of trees and is located in an area of rolling hills surrounded by mountains. The day we were there, a large cloud bank seemed to have settled between a couple of the mountain peaks.


The bus left the terminal promptly at 2:30 PM for the four and a half hour ride. The drive up into the mountains on the winding dirt afforded spectacular views out each side of the bus as we switched back and forth. We stopped after a couple of hours at a roadside restaurant and snack shop. I ordered a hot meal of rice and something brown. Lucas ordered a ham and cheese sandwich. That sandwich is the prime suspect in Lucas’ misery later than night and most of the next day.

This is one of the top spots in Costa Rica for ecotourism and there is no shortage of things to see and do here. We were making plans last night for how we would fill our limited time here before we push on to our next long term stop. That’s when Lucas lost his supper, lunch, and everything else he had consumed that day. He’s still unable to hold down even water this morning so we are just hanging out enjoying the cool mountain air and catching up on emails, school, and work.

Since Lucas has been so sick, we’ve postponed our activities until he feels better. I ventured out to get water and electrolytes and to recharge my Costa Rican cell phone account. I snapped a few pictures of the streets. It is a nice little town. There is a lot more to it that what you see in the photos. It reminds us of Banff a bit. It is only doing as well as it is because of the tourist trade but because of that they keep it clean and safe. There are more restaurants and souvenir shops than I’ve seen in most other places we’ve been, but they aren’t too tacky and it is nice to have a wide assortment of food and drink options.