A Short Stay in Asuncion, Paraguay

We are heading back towards Canada now. The bus ride from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu was a big jump north. Asuncion is more of a lateral move on the map. We will spend a less than a week in Asuncion before we fly back to the equator. Getting to Asuncion was more of a hassle/adventure than we planned. We ended up back tracking quite a bit, but we made it. Sydney has said she wants to write about that. I might as well if I get a chance. Our first day here went by very quickly. Thanks to our late arrival we slept in a bit today. And we didn’t last too long in the hot sun under nearly cloudless skies. We headed down to the river to catch a boat that gives you a view of the city from the river, but we didn’t manage to hook up with it. We think we saw it, out on the river. Unfortunately it didn’t seem like it was going to be where we thought it would be at the appointed time. We read a bit more about Paraguay and Asuncion over lunch and confirmed what we already had seen. Paraguay is one of the poorest countries in South America. It isn’t all just poverty and misery. There are interesting people and stories here. I hope to write up a more descriptive post after we’ve explored a bit more. For now I am, again, just trying to get caught up on the Where Are We Now pages.

Another Airbnb

The place we are staying in is a small apartment owned by a German woman named Stephanie. She has been very helpful and has shared a lot of information and tips for us. We have a list of local restaurants, shops and places of interest that we will explore. The weather forecast calls for rain the last couple of days of our stay, so we hope to get our sightseeing in before then.

Edificio Monumental, Plaza Uruguay, Asuncion, Paraguay