Wait! What are we doing in Corrientes for the night?

We were only supposed to be in Corrientes for the day after our bus ride from Puerto Iguazu. We had a pretty good run of relatively trouble free travel through Latin America. It came to an end on Thursday when we arrived at the Corrientes International Airport for our flight. It is not a large airport and the check-in line was empty. I figured it was because we were there almost 3 hours before departure. No, it was empty because almost nobody wants to fly to Asuncion, Paraguay from Corrientes, Argentina. Whether it was just the four of us, or perhaps a few more had purchased tickets. Whatever the number, it wasn’t enough for Amazonas Airlines to bother with the flight, so they cancelled it. I just want to catch up on the Where Are We Now pages, so I’ll save the long version of the story for another post. I will say that Amazonas employee Guadalupe was a very helpful in getting us set up in a hotel for the night in Corrientes. And she managed to get us to Asuncion the next day, by flying all the way back to Buenos Aires first.