Via a Rio Uruguay bus to Corrientes

This trip makes five consecutive bus trips for us. This was the fourth overnight bus. The ride was “only” nine hours, from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM. If it was lights out after we departed and all quiet until we arrived, it might have been restful. It was not. They played a couple of movies, handed out a sandwich/snack at just after 10:00 PM. We stopped in Posadas at about 2:30 AM. People got on, people got off. A couple of military guys wanted to check bags. All that to say that when we got into Corrientes we were tired. Our flight doesn’t leave for Asuncion until 7:05 PM, and there isn’t anything we want to do here, feeling this tired. We also didn’t find anyplace to store our bags at the bus station. So, we found a hostel across from the bus station and we are camped out here for the afternoon. We can work, nap, shower, update the blog, etcetera until it is time to go to the airport.