Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

We arrived here this morning on an overnight bus. Puerto Iguazu is a small city of 66,000 or so people and is the Argentinian jumping off point for trips to see Iguazu Falls. We will be visiting them over the next couple of days and I expect I should be able to come up with a little content for another blog post about them. They are supposed to be spectacular. We were pretty tired after the long bus ride so we stopped at a cafe across from the bus terminal and had some very good coffee. The kids had fresh fruit smoothies. Our hosts were kind enough to pick us up at the cafe and take us to their place. It is on a quiet little street only a few blocks from where rivers join. We did go for a walk after we settled in and passed through Plaza San Martin. Continuing towards the city center we found a Mexican restaurant that was open. After filling up on tacos, burritos, and nachos we headed back into the jungle climate. It rains a lot in Puerto Iguazu and it is very humid even when it isn’t.

Some sights and sounds from our first afternoon

I took a 360° video at Plaza San Martin and another one at Tres Fronterras, where the three borders come together. They have some sort of light show at rivers at night, but we need a good night’s sleep after spending last night on the bus. We have an early start planned for tomorrow so we can spend plenty of time at the falls. Karen and I walked a couple of blocks to a small market to get food for dinner and breakfast. Along the way we passed an undeveloped bit of land that seemed to be teeming with life. I think the last time we stayed in a rural area was back in Paine, Chile. I recorded about 20 seconds of the sounds of the frogs and other creatures.

Puerto Iguazu night sounds

by Nature | Recordings by Mark