Sorry I didn’t get this place posted when we were there. Santa Catalina is a somewhat remote little surf town on the Pacific coast a couple of hundred kilometers west of Panama City. Lots of cool people and restaurants. The place had a nice vibe to it.

Unfortunately it didn’t have a steady Internet connection. As a matter of fact, more than once it had no power at all. It turns on that it is kind of hard to update web sites when you can’t get on line. Who knew? Like Health Care being complicated, nobody knew…

It was a nice place, but hot. High of 36 degrees Celsius, feels like 40, little or no breeze, 40+ humidity and a UV Index of 11 (out of 11). We hung out in the rooms with the blessed AC, when we had power.

Lucas took surf lessons one day. We went kayaking the next and I was going to rent a board and (try to) surf with Lucas on the third day, but despite precautions I got a little too much sun kayaking and avoided the sun the following day.

Casa Maya