Quito, Ecuador – Just South of the Equator

Our time in Asuncion, Paraguay went by quickly. We had only scheduled six days there, and we lost a day due to troubles with our flight. We booked four weeks at an Airbnb here in a fairly central location in Quito. The apartment has large rooms and big table we can set up our laptops on for work and school. We had to get up at 3:30 AM for our flight here and it has taken us a day or so to recover from the lack of sleep. And although our trip from Asuncion felt like it was primarily north, we moved two time zones west. That, combined with day light savings moved us three hours “closer” to Calgary. We are in the same time zone as the central time zone in North America. These days it is noticeably cooler here than in Asuncion and Buenos Aires.  No more 30°+ days, it is struggling to reach 20° during the day and the overnight lows are in the single digits. The apartment is located on the top floor of white and blue Ford building in the picture below. I need to take some more photos of Quito, but my phone battery is in rough shape. It can’t hold a charge very long and takes half a day or more to recharge. I did locate a place that can install a new battery, so that is on my To Do list for today.

Quick Update – We are staying here longer

Those of you who actually keep tabs on us will note that the “until date” on this post has passed. Where are we now? We are still here. It is a comfortable apartment, with plenty of space for us to leave our laptops set up. The Internet connection has been quick and reliable. So that, combined with lots of rainy days, has meant that we are staying in and getting lots of work done. As a result we’ve decided to postpone additional travel costs until our visas are about to expire. We’ve booked this place until June 10.

Our place in Quito