We are getting down to the wire here. We are on the stand-by list for the flight tonight! I’ve been meaning to post more often leading up to the departure, but the list of things to take care of has been daunting. Daunting, but not insurmountable. Today we sold our second car, the 2014 Toyota Highlander we affectionately named BB. I’ll give a plug for Danyal Ahmed at Honda West. He did a great job helping us and Honda West gave us the best deal, even better than the Toyota dealer we bought it from.

We still have some final tasks to take care of and we need to review the items we are taking with us, but the number of things to worry about is a lot shorter than it was just yesterday. It has been a nerve wracking experience, no doubt. But Karen and I have wanted to travel in Central and South America for many years, and we are glad it is finally happening.

I’ve got some packing photos and stories to finish for other blog posts, so I already have content to write about. I’ve tested the subscription service for notifying people of new blog posts. It works, so sign up! You’ll get an email at 4:00 with any new posts from the day before.

T-minus 9 hours and 14 minutes!!!