Near Boston in Medellin, Colombia

We crammed ourselves and our bags into a tiny little taxi this morning. It was a 30-minute drive from Itagüí to Medellin. Once there, it didn’t take us long to feel good about the place. We are in another old apartment building, like the one we rented in Bogota in April. This place seems huge after the last place. Itagüí had three bedrooms, but you could not fit much more than the bed in two of them.
Our host Gloria rents this place out as a four-bedroom apartment. There is actually another room off the kitchen that could be a bedroom. They have it locked up and use it for storage. If anyone wants to visit us in Colombia, this is a good month. We have an extra bedroom available here!

What do I mean by “Near Boston” in the heading above? There is a neighborhood in Medellin called Boston. On Google Maps it is very close, just to the east of us. If you zoom out to the right level, you’ll see the label on the map.


First Impressions

The street in front of the building has lots of trees, and it is a busy neighborhood. Lots of shops and people coming and going. The kids were happy to see a bakery and an ice cream shop on the ground floor of our building. While we waited for the kids to get haircuts, Karen and I found a bar across the street. We discovered our phones can pick up the apartment’s Wi-Fi from there. That might come in handy. 🙂


I took the photo in the taxi on the way here. It is probably just as well you can’t see Sydney’s face. I suspect there was a frown on it. She was not pleased with the seating arrangements.
I shot the video from the living room window of this apartment. Karen took one of the entire apartment. I’ll get that or one of my own published in the next few days.

Gloria's apartment

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