Cancun, Mexico

Our last stop before returning to Alberta is going to be Cancun, Mexico. It has been an amazing 19 months of living in and exploring almost a dozen Latin American countries. I have so many more stories, experiences, photos, and videos to share. I plan on continuing to post more as time allows, even after we are home. For now, I am writing this post and scheduling it for publication on Sunday. Our flight from Quito leaves and 5:05 AM and every source we’ve checked with insist that we need to be there 3 hours prior to departure. The airport is about 45 minutes away, so I don’t think we’ll be getting any sleep Saturday night. When I started writing this post I thought we had a direct flight and would be in Cancun at 7:00 AM. No such luck. That’s when we get to the San Salvador airport (again). We’ll have a four and a half hour layover there before we fly to Cancun. We’ve connected through there a couple of times already. I am not sure there is enough to entertain us for that long unless they have power ports available for our devices. We have been assured that there are several coffee shops near our this place. We can hang out, drink coffee, and try to stay away until we can check in. We’ll have to find one with air conditioning. The weather forecast is showing a high of 30 degrees Sunday. The rest of the week looks like it will be hot as well. The pictures look great and we are looking forward to relaxing there for a week before our final flight home. Once we get back to Alberta, I am going to be even busier than I have been on the road. I’ve been starting a new company with a good friend and colleague in Calgary. The business is called Eureka iTech. Please feel free to check out our website if you know anyone looking for IT help, send them to the site!

Our Cancun Airbnb condo

The Airbnb condo we are staying in while in Cancun is here. Not too close to the beach, but the drives the price down.