An Airbnb Apartment in Evigado

We’ve arranged a lot of our accommodation on this trip using Airbnb. It has proven to be a great way to get long term, furnished places and we have met some really cool people along the way. Our current Airbnb apartment in Envigado is at the north end of that city. Technically we are just outside of the El Poblado area in Medellin. But like many urban areas today, it is hard to tell where one ends and another begins.

We were sad to leave our spacious apartment in the central part of Medellin, but someone else had rented it from late July so it was time to go. One of the first things that is striking about this place is how quiet it is compared to last place. We loved all the stores, shops, museums, parks and activity in that central location. On the other hand there were noisy protests every few weeks and non-stop honking at times. Shortly after we arrived I headed to the market to stock up on things. I paused on my way and took a moment to take in the new environment and listen to birds instead of traffic.


Lots of Options for Shopping and Dining

I was impressed at the size and selection of the Jumbo super market just a few blocks away. I could get used to living in this neighborhood! Then they rang up the modest amount of food and supplies I had selected. Ouch! I guess we really are in a nice area. I’ll have to suss out the other stores in the area to try and find some better prices.

Not knowing were everything is in the kitchen yet, I didn’t want to cook our first meal here when we had company. Our friend and neighbor from our last place, Dinah, helped us move today and stayed to help make sure the pool was OK. 🙂 They have a system in Medellin where drivers can’t add to rush hour traffic on certain days, based on their license number. So while Dinah waited for rush hour to pass, we all went out for dinner. You need to watch out for flora here. Check out the long, needle spike on the underside of the leaves on trees along the sidewalk!


Thorny leaves along street near the Airbnb apartment in Envigado
Thorny leaves along street near the Airbnb apartment in Envigado

Edificio Los Piñares de Zuñiga