Monseratt, Buenos Aires

I’ve decided, if you are going to live in a big city, you need to do it near the heart of the city. Monseratt is close enough to the action that you can walk to most points of interest. For the ones further away, there are special tour buses that have different routes. You can hop on and off them to see the sights you are interested in. The place we stayed in last month was OK, but the neighborhood was just so much urban filler. This place is in an older building. The whole area is a mashup of old and new, well maintained and run down buildings of various sizes. Some buildings are utilitarian, but others works of art. Check out the vertical panorama picture of the building Starbucks is located in. There are statues “holding up” the third floor. The upper levels are amazing as well. If you click on the photograph you should be able to see the details on a larger, zoom-able image.
Starbucks building

Another Airbnb Accomodation

First Excursion

For our first outing in our newest neighborhood, we went in search of a late lunch. So late in fact that we were in the hours between meals for most restaurants. A lot of them have hours like noon to 4:00 PM & 8:00 PM to midnight. We were heading out the door just after 4:00 PM. A few blocks away we did find a funky little place called El Banco Rojo (The Red Bench). We were the only patrons when we first walked it. On the way back, I snapped a few photos of the streets and sights. The area definitely has a different vibe than the last place. The variety of the places is so much more diverse. We are planning to see some of the things we didn’t see at the first week we were in Buenos Aires.  
mini park along street
narrow streets
graffiti covered kiosk
Graffiti hand behind car