[Updated, Feb 2: We have Internet and it is reasonably fast. We’ve committed to staying here until March 10.]

We arrived here by bus on Saturday to try it out for a week or so. We were told we’d have the fastest Internet connection available, since we had emphasized how important it was to us for school and work.

So far, no  Internet. The phone company (ICE) has the work order. They’ve had it for some time, but haven’t actually done the work yet.

The place itself is nice, if you ignore the bugs. It is a little cottage on a hill on a coffee farm just on the outskirts of Sarchi, Costa Rica. The view is to the west southwest, so we can watch the sun set each day.

Calle San Rafael, Sarchí, Cost Rica

A small two bedroom cottage on a coffee farm. Cheap too! We just need an Internet connection…