I meant to write this article sooner, since the day we hit the beach was November 26, but I was waiting on some pictures to be available. Anyway, I am writing it now; better late then never.

First thing we did was get up at 7am and eat some breakfast; fried eggs on toast. After, we called a taxi to come pick us up. The guy we phoned is named Mario. He runs the little grocery store, Super Mario, that me, Dad and Lucas all walked to one day. Once dressed I watched some YouTube videos as we waited for the taxi. Five minutes before Mario was supposed to arrive we left the apartment and started getting our sunscreen on. The drive to Montezuma had lots of big pot holes to avoid and a few steep hills. One one hill, we saw a rusted car sitting on the side of the road. According to Mario it had been there for three months. Once at the beach, I barely had time to go in before we decided to find a less rocky place to hang out. Walking through town to get there, we saw a lot of different jewelry stands. Closer investigation showed that everything is hand crafted.  At the new beach I went into the water. The waves were quite big and knocked you around. I got so much salt in my face, that I gave up playing in the ocean. I decided to help Lucas get some footage for his vlog and watched the camera while he played in the water. I got bored of that after six minutes, so I  sat down and decided to make a little sand mound. Tip: Your ballcap is not a good shovel.

Once my sand mound was complete, we had our last little bit of time in the water. We didn’t stay there all day because we would burn. Dry and back in the main street, we looked for a good place to have lunch. The restaurant we choose was Montezuma Bar Restaurant. The view from the table was awesome. We could had a great view of the beach, as well as two burning people. Also, there was a huge colony of miniature ants next to our table. I ordered a coconut shake and Montezuma Sandwich. I had never had corn in a sandwich before. Both items were delicious. If we went back to that restaurant I would order the same thing. After lunch, we took a cab to Cobano and bought some groceries on the way home.