Well we made it to Nicaragua over a week ago, but the Wi-Fi and/or the Internet connection here is painfully slow most days. Apparently it is more vital than the air one of my children breathes since there have been times when it was declared that death was inevitable if we have no Internet connection. I read in the news recently that Canada’s CRTC has decreed Internet connectivity is a basic service, so maybe the kid was onto something. But enough of that.

We are here in a sunny, warm place for the holidays. It is the first time for our kids, and Sydney is quite adamant that Christmas would be better in snowy Canada. I’ve been keeping track of the weather back in Calgary and other Canadian cities where we have friends and family. It look like pretty much everyone we know will be having a white Christmas. There is no risk of that here. The weather forecast for Christmas day calls for a high of 32° C (89° F). Below is a panoramic shot from the front door of the guest house we are staying it. The landscape around the house is filled with trees producing bananas, coconuts, lemons, cocoa, and more.

We are taking a few days off from studying and working since it is Christmas after all. We have braved the local buses and managed to get ourselves to a nearby volcano park and the old colonial city of Grenada. I won’t try and add the details of those adventures here since long blogs have resulted in blogs not getting posted for many days. I’ll try to post my thought, photos, and videos of the places we visited as soon as possible. Now to boldly publish this blog without expert editorial review. 🙂

We hope you all are enjoying the holidays, wherever you are!