La Barca Hotel, Buenos Aires

Well we made it to Buenos Aires! The marathon bus trip from San Carlos de Bariloche wasn’t too bad. The hotel is in an old building, probably 100+ years old. The doors are 3 meters high and the ceilings at least two meters above that. The high ceilings are supposed help keep things cooler when it is hot out. We will be putting that theory to the test in a couple of days. The temperature is supposed be in the mid-30s Saturday. I don’t expect too much sympathy from friends and family dealing with -20 degrees currently back in Canada. 🙂 I don’t have much to report yet. We arrived at the Retiro bus terminal, grabbed a taxi to the hotel and took much-needed showers. New power outlet adapters were purchased at a neighborhood ferretería (hardware store) and dirty clothes dropped off at a local Chinese laundry. We also had a quick bite to eat at El Español, a Spanish restaurant a few blocks away. The tradition in Argentina appears to eat dinner later than we are used to. On the bus last night it was served around 10:00 PM. Karen is embracing the siesta custom at the moment. No doubt getting ready for a meal after sunset. I’m sure the drop or two of beer we had at El Español had nothing to do with it. 🙂

La Barca Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This place is bit of a bargain within walking distance to lots of sights in Buenos Aires.
beer on tap at our table