The flight left Calgary later than scheduled Saturday night, well after midnight. Some of us managed to get a few hours of sleep on the plane but Sydney was trying to stay up all night. Apparently sleep deprivation is on her bucket list. The Pacific coast of Costa Rica was beautiful. I had a good view of it as we approached the airport near Liberia.

We have been so busy wrapping up loose ends in Calgary and getting the first couple of months of accommodation booked that we didn’t spend much time on the logistics of what to do once we actually landed. Karen and I have traveled in the past, in countries where we didn’t speak the language. This time we had a smattering of Spanish to help us dust off those explorer skills last used about 20 years ago. The kids did great with the uncertainly and lack of sleep. It wasn’t too long before we were all on a bus for Liberia at a price of $4 instead of the $30 offered by friendly Tico looking to help some weary travelers get to their destination.

The bus ride was only about 20 minutes and we were at the central bus terminal for Liberia. Liberia is not a big city. I was told the tallest building is only 3 stories. There are a fair number of large, old trees so I didn’t spot that building. We managed to find our way to a hostel with room for 4 that we have to ourselves for the night. We ventured out a to find something for breakfast and ate at a “soda” in a nearby marketplace. Sodas are affordable places that offer local dishes at good prices. The Ticos and Ticas we’ve spoken with have been very patient with our slow, stuttering attempts at Spanish. Between the four of us, we generally figure out what’s going on. I’ve been pleased to see Lucas speaking up confidently in Spanish. Sydney definitely understands a lot of what is said although she is not so enthusiastic to speak it.

We spent a few hours after breakfast napping and trying to catch up on our sleep. Later we went to a few places to eat, buy some food and water for tomorrow’s breakfast, and to get information regarding SIM cards for our phones. The phone stores closed a bit early today, so we’ll get to the nearest recommended one tomorrow morning before we depart for the condo we have rented for a month.

Getting there will take most of the day. We start with a 3 hour bus ride, followed by a short taxi ride to the ferry. An hour or so on the ferry and we’ll be transferring to another bus for an hour long ride to the town were the condo is. We will pick up a few days of groceries and grab a cab to the condo. The places sounds great and I look forward to getting there and getting settled in our new home for the next month.