This post might seem a little late, so sorry. I also have posts on Leon and Ometepe coming.

On Christmas Eve we ate ice cream and stayed up until midnight to watch fireworks. The safety around them is so different from Canada because the neighbors were just throwing them into the trees or ground. On Christmas day we packed some backpacks and headed back into Granada, this time for an overnight stay.

With our packed bags we got on the bus and were on our way. We had to stand the whole way. The first thing we did in Granada was go to the grocery store. The first one was closed but the second one was open. I got a Pina Colada drink and snacked on mini chocolate muffins while waiting for our host to pick us up.  When the host finally arrived, he was not as we had expected. He was an American and the cottage was named after one of his daughters. I had expected Emma, in Emma’s Cottage, to be an adult. Driving to his place our host was very talkative and even drove past the place so we could keep chatting. Once there we were greeted by 6 dogs and, in Lucas’ case, the sad news of a broken trampoline. We took our bags into the cottage, got a small tour and then changed into our swim gear. Sadly, I had forgotten my goggles.

Playing in the pool was super fun because there wasn’t technically a shallow end. It went from 3ft to 8ft.  Lucas really enjoyed playing with the boogie board and I tried to do cool tricks with the noodle. After playing in the pool for quite a few hours we went back to our place for dinner.  We had grilled cheese and mushroom soup. I was really creative with my sandwich and used peanuts since we had no peanut butter.  When dinner was done we just chilled until going to bed. We had an adventure waiting for us in the morning.

In the morning we woke up and had breakfast;eggs and toast. Once ready, our host Gregg, drove us to the boat tour area. He managed to bargain us a good price. Gregg also arranged that his taxi driver friend would be able to pick us up.  After saying goodbye we got into the boat. Even though the boat had a cover my right arm ended up sunburned.  The tour was super interesting. The driver showed us this super cool flower, that went from thin to branching out. Most of the islands were privately owned, unlike I had expected. I thought they would have trees, animals, whatever; but not houses.  My favorite two islands were Monkey Island, with a lot of monkeys brought there by a vet/scientist and the 4 star hotel. We were unable to stay there.  Some the islands were even for sale. The boat driver called the taxi for us to make sure he would be there when the tour was done and after the tour we went for lunch.

We ate at Roadhouse. I had pasta, but it was bad decision for me to listen to Lucas and leave my bacon in.  Also the table shared onion rings, which came with cheese on top. Not something I would think to do, but delicious.  On the restaurant TV some epic movie was playing, but nobody knew what it was. After lunch we explored Granada for a bit before going back to Gregg’s and  playing in the pool. Me and Lucas both made videos for youtube. The next morning, december 27, we played in the pool, had breakfast and then came back to our main Nicaragua home.