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Travel Day

I probably should have made this post sooner, since my dad already told you about the house in one of his posts. Anyway, I am going to describe the journey now before its too late. On Monday the 14 we woke up in the Liberian hostel we had rented for the night. After getting ready we headed to ICE to get a local sim card. Doing that took longer then expected, I think it was 30 minutes. Once finally done at ICE we walked to the bus stop to get on a bus on Puntarenas. As we are waiting...

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My Room Looks So Empty

Here goes the second try, since the first time deleted everything I had written. 😭😭😭😭😭 I will have most of it the same, but some parts a little different.   My brother was 2, which makes me 6, when we moved into our house. Having stayed there day and night for ten years this excursion was bittersweet. On one hand, I’m excited to go to Central and South America for about a year because I have never been there, get to practice all that Spanish I have been learning and experience the culture. On the other hand I want...

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