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Just Sydney shamelessly plugging her “Syd Cinema” YouTube channel. She’s sharing a few of her YouTube videos. You are invited to subscribe to her channel.

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New Year’s in Leon

On the 29 of december we woke up, packed some backpacks and headed off to Leon by bus. We had to make a stop at UCA and transfer to a second bus. Once in Leon we started walking towards our place. During the walk it was so hot that Taryn was getting squishy (the 30 some degree sun was melting her). About halfway we stopped at El Sesteo for lunch. Me, Mom and Lucas all had the same shrimp pasta. The bread that came with our noodles was super hard. After lunch we continued walking to the place where...

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I want to apologize for my lack of blog posts. I have been busy and just didn’t get around to writing them. They are coming though. I have posts on Leon, Ometepe Island, Monteverde and Sarchi in the works. No need to worry. Last night we landed in Panama and took a taxi to our place.  The apartment we rented is not in the city like we had been expecting; we will have to use Uber to get around. Our apartment, however, is very nice. Each bedroom has an en suite and there is a pool with lights that...

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Christmas in Granada

This post might seem a little late, so sorry. I also have posts on Leon and Ometepe coming. On Christmas Eve we ate ice cream and stayed up until midnight to watch fireworks. The safety around them is so different from Canada because the neighbors were just throwing them into the trees or ground. On Christmas day we packed some backpacks and headed back into Granada, this time for an overnight stay. With our packed bags we got on the bus and were on our way. We had to stand the whole way. The first thing we did in...

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The Culture of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a Central American country located between Costa Rica to the south and Honduras to the north. The highest temperature ever recorded is 38°C. One of the most popular sports is baseball, but the locals enjoy soccer as well. Nicaragua is a fascinating country, filled with animals we are not accustomed to encountering in land-locked Alberta; in fact, bull sharks travel into Lake Managua along the Rio San Juan River. Despite interactions with explorers from Europe during the fourteen-and-fifteen-hundreds, the locals continue to dine on many pre-Columbian foods; Jocote, mango, papaya, tamarind, bananas, pipian, avocado and yucca are...

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