Author: Mark Crosby

November 14 – December 12: Delicias de Cobano, Costa Rica

This was our first long-term residence on our trip. We were here for nearly a month from November 14 to December 12, 2016. We literally put this place on the map!  Google Maps that is. I submitted it and they accepted it. 🙂 The pool was put to good use and it will be missed. We’ll have to try and find places with pools in the future while we are in the tropics. Rick's Apartments, Delicias de Cobano, Puntarenas, Costa Rica This is where we stayed for a month while in Costa...

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November 13, 2016: Liberia, Costa Rica

We found this hostel a few blocks from the bus station. We just needed place to catch up on our sleep before heading to our destination on the Nicoya peninsula the next day. Pura Vida Hostel, Liberia We found this place a few blocks from the bus station. We needed a place for a siesta to catch up on the sleep lost on the red-eye flight we took from Calgary to get...

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Montezuma Revisited

There are a few waterfalls near Montezuma we wanted to hike up to on our first visit, but didn’t. When the weather forecast showed a day that didn’t have any rain predicted and that day was a Friday the majority rose up and demanded a day off. I think that the kids would probably vote to skip school work any time they were given the chance. They are kids after all. Karen’s been putting in a long days and needed to get out of the house. I’ve been getting some exercise walking to Cobano every few days for groceries. The first...

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The Overdue Trip to the Beach

I wanted to let the kids publish their blog posts about our first trip to the beach on Saturday, but if I wait too long I might forget stuff. So here is my take on it. If you haven’t heard, Hurricane Otto passed out of the western Caribbean a few days ago. We had some legitimate concerns about it making history and being the first hurricane on record to hit Costa Rica. Although it did not leave Costa Rica unscathed, it did made landfall over Nicaragua, just north of the border. It passed across that country and out into...

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