Author: Mark Crosby

Peering Into the Mouth of Hell

How do you like the “click bait” title? ­čÖé I didn’t come up with that description of the Masaya Volcano. Spanish explorers called this active volcano “La Boca del Infierno” or “The Mouth of Hell.” Father Francisco Bobadilla oversaw the planting of a cross on the crater lip in the 16th century in order to exorcise the Devil. It is named after him, “La Cruz de Bobadilla.” For our first day trip in Nicaragua we decided to to visit a nearby volcano. We flagged down a bus on the highway at the end of our street and were on...

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December 25-27: Granada, Nicaragua

We are taking some time away from our usual work/study schedule to see other places in Nicaragua. First up is a couple of nights in Granada. We found a great little casita rent for a couple of days so we can get a better look at this historic city. Emma's Guest Cottage Located at Reparto San Juan Casa # 35, Granada, 44300, Nicaragua, on the outskirts of...

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Nicaraguan Christmas Celebrations

They have some different traditions down here. They wait up on Christmas Eve until midnight and then let off fireworks. Of course a lot of the people with fireworks can’t wait. Like people who buy their Halloween candy early and eat half of it before the big day. So in the days leading up to Christmas the evenings have random fireworks going off here and there. But on Christmas Eve you find out what people have been stockpiling. The occasional explosions become more frequent until midnight when they are going off all over the place. Some big, some small,...

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Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas from Nicaragua

Well we made it to Nicaragua over a week ago, but the Wi-Fi and/or the Internet connection here is painfully slow most days. Apparently it is more vital than the air one of my children breathes since there have been times when it was declared that death was inevitable if we have no Internet connection. I read in the news recently that Canada’s CRTC has decreed Internet connectivity is a basic service, so maybe the kid was onto something. But enough of that. We are here in a sunny, warm place for the holidays. It is the first time...

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