We’re now in the San Diego part of Medellin

You may have noticed we haven’t traveled very far in the past four months. What can I say, we like Medellin. We have settled into another Airbnb apartment. This time we are on Calle 29, a dozen and a half blocks north of Poblado. Poblado is a very popular neighborhood for  foreigners. That is not something that makes it attractive to us, we prefer more authentic Colombian experiences. But it does mean we could satisfy our desires for North America products, if we are willing to pay North American prices. We moved here late this afternoon. It was just a 15 minute drive north from our last apartment. After settling in and unpacking a few things, we did a little work and then it was time for a late lunch. Our friend Dinah helped us move again with here Super Cooper. She’s so nice! This place is a little nicer than the last place. Sydney and Lucas don’t have to share a bedroom and we noticed a lot more airflow throughout the apartment. There is even a fan to help when Mother Nature isn’t moving the air for us. Lucas has already tested the swimming pool and reported that it is warmer than the last place. The gym equipment looks a little more durable here too. And if that isn’t enough to get us in shape, we are at the base of a sizable hill. I may have to find the top of that hill tomorrow and see if it is something that is worth regular visits. I need to get the

Calle 29, San Diego

Our latest Airbnb apartment is on Calle 29, Edeficio Poblado de San Diego, in Medellin.