I walked the the four or so kilometers to Cobano yesterday. I wanted to get some exercise and see how tough a hike it was before dragging the kids along. We needed some groceries, so I grabbed an empty day pack and headed out the door. It has been raining a lot here, but the clouds were not threatening for my trek. I’ll let the pictures tell the story of what the area we are staying in looks like.

It took about 45 minutes to get to town. I didn’t take any pictures there, but maybe I will next time. It was warmer than I’ve been accustomed to. I think it was about 28 degrees and the humidity was probably above 90%. By the time I got there I had worked up a good sweat. It was a nice walk and I’ll do it again soon, but it wasn’t so nice that it kept me from taking an air conditioned taxi back to the house with the groceries. And I won’t forget beer next time I go shopping! Someone has been none too pleased about the lack of it after a hard day at “the office” this weekend.